August 19, 2014

About Us

About_Us Page
The Learning Avenue is passionate about creating learning experiences and developing people. Our team of talented and creative experts deliver customised online learning solutions that engage and motivate behavioural change in the work place. Our learning solutions are customised to your specific needs and are fully supported from start to finish. The Learning Avenue’s extensive knowledge and skills cover all industries and businesses. We always put the Learner and the Outcome first when designing our learning content to ensure a return on investment for you. Our combination of instructional design and graphic design underlies all our work and results in effective learning experiences that engage learners whilst maximising the best retention of information. When you take a walk down our Avenue, you will definitely see that we are passionate, creative, innovative and in love with learning. The Learning Avenue is proud to be a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor, officially rated as a Level 3 contributor.

Our Mission and Values


To Create learner experiences that engage the learner, motivates behavioural change and improves performance.


  • Innovators
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • The Learner & The Outcome.