Breaking free from your Creative Block

Creative blocks can be your worst enemy when your role or job requires you to be creative and to constantly be thinking out of the box. When you rely on your creativity as your source of income, you can’t afford to be short of ideas.

Here are some tips on how to break free from your creative block and some advice from creative professionals on what they do when they get stuck.


1. Distraction is good

Leave your desk and distract your mind from the project at hand. Take a walk, have a conversation with a colleague whilst making coffee or draw with crayons.

“Go back to the drawing board – using pencils to sketch and doodle and then taking inspiration from that.” Professional Designer

2. Explore other disciplines

Do something completely unrelated to your discipline. If you are an illustrator, write. If you are a photographer, draw.

“When I’m experiencing a creative block, I’ll learn a new song on my guitar.” Manil Chiba, Creative Director

3. Explore websites

Browse the web. There are many amazing websites that offer lots of inspiration.

“I like to visit websites that would provoke a creative stream such as or” Report Writer

4. Turn to other artists

Use your support and other creative professionals to get inspiration, ideas or see how you can do something better.

“When I experience a creative block, I turn to photography or art blogs. I enjoy looking at unconventional and bold concepts, which normally sparks an idea.” Vanessa Matthee, Content Developer

5. Write it down

Creativity is about linking pieces of knowledge we obtain. Writing down all your thoughts helps to remove the clutter inside your mind and keeping track of your thoughts can help develop your ideas further.

“My notebook never leaves my side. Anytime I see or hear something interesting, I make a note. When I get stuck, I often just browse through my notes to find the answer.” Sanam Madhav, Creative Director


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