eLearning mistakes to avoid

By the time you are done designing your eLearning course, you most probably too eager to hit publish or are blinded by any mistakes in the course. Errors in your course can influence your eLearning credibility and make learning difficult for your learners. So before you publish, take a breather and then review your course keeping the following check list in mind:


  1. Too much text

Content is key in any course. Avoid lengthy paragraphs by splitting your content up logically and using bullet points. Try to have one idea or concept per slide.


  1. Confusing navigation

Your course should have user-friendly navigation buttons that are simple and clear to use.


  1. Lack of instructions

Similarly to navigation, make sure you have clear instructions for highly interactive content, tasks, quizzes and games. Confusion on what to do can quickly frustrate learners.


  1. Grammar and spelling mistakes

Check your grammar and spelling. Poor grammar and spelling errors can hurt your credibility and lose your learner’s attention.


  1. Slow media

Media should be optimised to load quickly on different platforms. Learners get frustrated and lose interest if they need to wait for an image or video to download.


  1. Difficult to read font

Font is important in creating learner emotion. Choose easy to read font and be consistent throughout your course.


  1. Broken links

Test that all links are working correctly and the correct link is in place. If your link transfers a learner to an external website, make sure that you regularly check that the correct content is still uploaded on this site.




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