Ending on a high note


Ending on a high note

Generally watching a movie with a great ending leaves you feeling good or excited, makes you feel content with your choice of movie and is often the part of a movie you will remember. Like a great movie ending, your choice of how you end your eLearning can make or break your course. This article explores a few ideas you can use to create more effective eLearning endings.

  1. Recap – Recap the key learning points throughout the course, making sure it aligns to your objectives. A great way to recap is through a video, doodle or infographic. This will help learners reflect on key learning points and  will improve retention.
  2. Games – Games can be used in two ways to end the course. The first is a game which recaps the content. This could be like a quiz or simulation with game mechanics in it. The second type is just a good old game with no educational value but with  a reward for completing the course. Try to align the theme of your games to the theme of your course.
  3. Create a call-to-action – Get your learners to complete a challenge. Use the last slide to review the original goal and report how well they have done. Then create an action such as “Think you can do better? Try again to help…”. You can also create offline activities for the learner to accept to do or even share their learning progress on social media platforms.
  4. Personalise – Personalise the last slide to suit your learner. Display the learners results or create a summary based on his/her personal learning journey. Allow your learner to choose their course material, so they can learn the most personal relevant information.
  5. Supporting documents – Share links and additional resources for further learning or support information for prior-learning.
  6. Feedback – Keep track of your learner’s knowledge and retention and use the last slide to provide feedback. When providing negative feedback, give your learner the opportunity to try retaking the course or providing a few additional support documents. And don’t be shy to praise them when they are doing well.

By using one of the above ideas, you are sure to increase your learner’s retention level and leave them wanting more!



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