Gamifying your virtual class

Covid-19 has disrupted the way we work, live and learn. Many businesses, organisations and industries have shifted the way they work and learn to digital platforms. As a learning professional in an organisation or educational facility, you may have had to shift from in-person facilitation to virtual facilitation. This shift may have been easy for some but a lot may be asking how do we engage our learners and still have effective knowledge transfer? Our solution is gamification.

The Learning Avenue defines gamification as the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. Gamification is a tool used to encourage specific behaviours and increase motivation and engagement. The use of game elements such as points and rewards are a few of many game elements that can be used in creating learning experiences that ultimately cause behavioural change.

Here are 5 gamification techniques your organisation can use in your next virtual class:

  1. Set a mission and milestone for every session – This allows you to pace the learning so learners don’t feel overwhelmed and it initiates curiosity in the content.
  2. Make it collaborative and create experiences that allow for your learners to build relationships with one another. This adds a human touch to the online experience. Try social media ice-breakers or encourage learners to share their stories, post videos, blogs and podcasts. Ask learners to comment and provide their opinion on other learner’s posts.
  3. Recognition and rewards – Have a leader board visible during the session and award badges or virtual incentives. Creating badges which can be shared to learner’s social media pages are a great way to recognise learners.
  4. Real-time feedback – Get real-time feedback from learners by using polling features or online quiz tools. Learners can immediately see responses whilst facilitators provide feedback. Encourage learners to use the raise hand and messaging box functionality found on virtual classroom tools.
  5. Quests – Use the breakout room functionality to create quests or activities that learners need to complete. A great example is an escape room.

These are a few of many gamification techniques that can be used to enhance your virtual learning class and help with knowledge transfer and retention.


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