How to ensure that employees complete your eLearning course

Companies often spend massive amounts towards employee training. The assumption is that enhancing employee skill set improves job performance, productivity, business profitability and is beneficial for the employee.

However, employees often lack enthusiasm towards training. Employees often complain about eLearning being boring, compliance-orientated or irrelevant. Here are 5 tips to ensure that your employees complete your eLearning course:

1. Tell them the Why?

It is important to explain to employees why they need to complete the training and to answer the question, “What’s in it for me”. When designing your course, include the course description and objectives. Align the objectives to the employee’s goals and their role in the organisation. It may also help to get management buy-in. The manager can encourage his or her team before, during and after the course.

2. Provide Support

Communicate to employees before, during and after the course. Ensure all information is provided in order to complete the course. Support can be provided through emails, a support number, chatbots, discussion forums, FAQ’s and webinars.

3. Gamify

Use gamification elements to recognise and reward your employees by reinforcing the behaviours you want to see more of. Add games, quizzes, leader-boards and badges to your eLearning to increase learner engagement.

4. Design an Experience

Get rid of those online PowerPoint presentations and long PDFs. Design your eLearning as an experience by incorporating bite-size content, story-telling, videos, interactive elements and visual engagement. Your eLearning needs to be immersive and interactive.

5. Personalise the Learning

eLearning allows learners to learn at their own pace and at their own knowledge level. Build in an adaptive learning framework to allow employees to manage their own content and ensure that they do not get bored when content is too basic, or frustrated when content is too hard.


Including these tips into your next eLearning course will ensure more enrolments and completion of courses. Resulting in the company meeting both the training and business objectives. Remember to design a learning experience with clear purpose, ongoing support, gamification elements to engage and reward and personalised content.


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