It’s in the Storyboard

As an instructional designer, it is known that good eLearning is about design and not software. In order to have great design, your foundation or storyboard for your eLearning course needs to be carefully planned and detailed.

A storyboard is a document that identifies the learning objectives, visual elements, text elements, audio elements, interactions and branching of every screen in an online course (Connie Malamed, The Learning Coach).

Once the learning objectives of a course has been identified, the storyboard is created. This normally happens in the beginning of the developmental phase and then becomes the map followed by all parties involved in creating the course. The storyboard will assist and guide the graphic designers, the illustrators, programmers, narrators and the subject matter experts in creating their part of the course.

There are many types of storyboards and different ways to create them. Storyboards can be visual or text based and can be created in Word, PowerPoint or in a story boarding application. Let’s look at one method of creating a storyboard using both text and visual:







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