Understanding Adaptive Learning



Adaptive learning



Adaptive learning is a computer-based online educational system that utilises technology and date to provide customised learning paths to students. The basic idea of adaptivity in learning is the ability of a learning system to modify the presentation of content in response to a student’s performance.


How does Adaptive Learning work?

A student’s actions and responses to an activity is calibrated to determine the level and scope of the next activity. This adaptive system is deployed through algorithms, data collection and analysis of a student’s understanding of the content, responses, errors and successes.


Five Benefits of Adaptive Learning

1. Creates a personalised learning experience

Adaptive learning changes the sequencing of a curriculum in a way that makes the student’s learning experience most effective. When a student completes an activity, the content that follows is adapted based on the student’s performance and the student’s areas of weaknesses are addressed. This results in progressing the student towards content mastery at the student’s own pace.


2. Enhances the knowledge curve

When the level of the content is too easy, students lose interest in learning. Conversely, when the level of content is too difficult, students become frustrated and give up. An adaptive learning system targets the student’s starting point based on prior knowledge and maintains the content delivered at the correct level of the learner’s knowledge curve.


3. Increases student engagement

Adaptive learning content incorporates a combination of activities, interactive videos, animations, quizzes and audio clips which engages different learners. Information is also presented in small, bite-sized modules which increases engagement.


4. Provides immediate and focused corrective action

Adaptive learning systems help students to focus on areas of weakness and provides efficient corrective action in real-time.


5. Improved understanding of the student

Data analytics allow the facilitator to analyse the student’s learning progress in real-time. This allows the facilitator to change the approach of instruction, lectures or activities to address areas of weakness and tailor student interactions based on where the student is in the learning process.


Our Adaptive Learning Process

At The Learning Avenue, we understand adaptive learning as a process of leading and encouraging the student to achieve their set of goals, objectives and level of performance. Our aim is to motivate the student and not set him/her up for failure. Our adaptive learning algorithm continuously assesses the student’s level of understanding and provides the student with additional content to move to mastery.

With the power of data analytics, personalised learning paths and real-time corrective action, Adaptive Learning plays a positive role in learning theories and instruction and is vital for enhancing learning systems and student performance.

For more information on our Adpative Learning Products, contact us at info@thelearningavenue.co.za.




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