Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual Reality (VR) is on the doorstep of education and is beginning to shape the way we deliver learning experiences. Learners retain more information through visual interactions and can better apply their knowledge after participating in the actual tasks. In the current age of digital devices, we have the opportunity to enable better knowledge transfer with technology and VR.

Where can we apply VR?

VR allows us to create a virtual world, product or system that allows learners to interact with these virtual ecosystems. Here a five ways you can use VR in education:


1.Virtual field trips

Learners may be taught subjects such as History or Geography through virtual field trips. For example, learners can explore the history and architecture of the Colosseum in Rome through a virtual experience, whilst remaining in the classroom.


2.Technical training

VR is a great way to teach technical skills which have high risk consequences. For example, VR can be used in medical training; military training; or to provide mining employees with an immersive experience in health and safety procedures.


3.Distance learning

VR allows learners and educators whom are based globally to come together to learn in a virtual room through avatars and mapped facial expressions.


4.Immersive language learning

VR can be used to teach languages by placing learners in a realistic simulation where they can practice conversational language skills.


5.Modelling and simulations

Learners can use VR modelling to test concepts and understand theories by limiting real-life damage and consequences. This can be used in engineering, mathematics and science.


VR is allowing educators to create interactive learning experiences that are truly impactful. We are curious to know how you are integrating VR in the classroom or in your learning interventions. Share your experience and learning interventions below in our comment sections.


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