The Power of Storytelling in Learning

Human connection is regulated at a basic level through story. It is our shared story that allows us to connect, empathise and relate. Stories create connections among people, between people and ideas. It is in these stories that we find something in common which leaves an impact on us. Similarly, in organisations it is the organisation’s story and the stories its leaders tell which help solidify relationships and get buy-in in a way that bullet points or numbers don’t. We remember stories not PowerPoints.

Leaders should understand the importance of storytelling and see this as an art essential to effective messaging, communication, and learning.

3 reasons why storytelling improves learning:


Good stories connect, build familiarity and trust, making learners more open to learning. Good stories assist in conveying complex ideas and engage audiences in understanding data points and abstract ideas. An example of this is leader A presents the results from a project. Leader B tells a rich story about what went into the project and the strategy behind it. Leader A’s team walk away knowing the project was a success. Leader B’s team have learnt about the strategy, what went into the project and have gained new insight and knowledge. They have been influenced which may also inspire them to think differently in another project.

2. Engages all learners

Storytelling is effective in engaging all types of learners. Visual learners enjoy the mental pictures storytelling evokes. Auditory learners focus on the words and voice. Kinesthetic learners remember the emotional connections and feelings from the story.

3. Improves learning retention

Storytelling improves learning retention as stories are easy to remember. Information alone rarely makes an impact; however, stories capture both head and heart. Stories need to be inspiring and relatable to have the biggest impact.

In conclusion, stories matter and help to build connection, engagement, and retention in learning. Stories are even more powerful to inspire and motivate our learners to succeed within the organisation. So, tell a story at your next team meeting😊.


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